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Type-C Bags


A type “C” bag is constructed from fabrics having inter-connected conductive threads. The bag’s material allows it to safely carry conductive material, such as flammable powders.

Common Uses:

Chemicals, Foodstuffs, Grain

Beans, Cement, Minerals

Sugar, Clay, Fertilizers

Dyes, Salt, Seed

Flour, Resins , Nuts

Rice, Detergents, Plastics

Pharmaceuticals, Refractory products

Available Features:

Remote discharge: Release product from bottom of bag without reaching underneath bag.

Full bottom discharge: Bags can empty products that cake or bridge.

Anti-static construction: Recommended for highly flammable products

Sieve Design: Liquid releases while solids remain.

Ports: Sample and inspect product while bag remains closed.

Offset Discharge: Empty the bag without elevating it.

Container Liners: Protects from moisture and contamination, and ensures hygienic transportation.