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Circular Bags


Also called a tubular bag, the Circular Bag is made from fabric woven on a circular loom, which is then cut to the proper length for a specified bag height, thereby eliminating the vertical seams on each of the bag’s sides. The tubular body design is ideal as a lineless option for fine and hygroscopic materials. It is also an excellent alternative to the original four panel bag construction. Capacity is up to 4000lbs.

common uses

Chemicals, Foodstuffs, Grain

Beans, Cement, Minerals

Sugar, Clay, Fertilizers

Dyes, Salt, Seed

Flour, Resins, Nuts

Rice, Detergents, Plastics

Available Features

Remote discharge: Release product from bottom of bag without reaching underneath bag.

Full bottom discharge: Bags can empty products that cake or bridge.

Anti-static construction: Recommended for highly flammable products.

Sieve Design: Liquid releases while solids remain

Ports: Sample and inspect product while bag remains closed.

Offset Discharge: Empty the bag without elevating it.